..says one irascible commenator..

Perusing the (google == bad-translate) from my once better Español:
Seems that the Government maintenance--access roads on through entire construction--has been as miserable as ..all the scurrilous machinations (via US and the greedheads in charge) of this benighted but beautiful place: is being excoriated in most of the comments.

Sic transit Gloria Phillipines--fat chance in a near-bankrupt world, of any replacement soon :-/

(I didn't much flinch when the 'Bevatron' complex got scrapped); after all, it had accelerated everything on the Periodic Chart (well, to 6.2 GeV/C anyway)
--not that the dis-US later ran with the beautiful Bragg-peak of heavy-ions, sharp as a surgeon's scalpel--for further use on humans, of these remarkable capabilities.
Japan built a H.I. accelerator, ..tiny compared with the tandem accelerators needed at LBL: with energy range re humans. Last I heard, we built zippo.

But Arecibo was right Up-there in modern relevance to scoping the Galaxies. (Bloody-Bezos could fund a replacement--just out of grift profits from COVID).