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New re Trumpkin toddlers 'Running'. . an apt, concise opinion:

There's a real narcissism to their belief that the Trump kids are really big draws. If Donald doesn't run in 2024, one of his kids will, but I don't know that his kids would do well in the primaries. Trump may be plowing a path for his kids - as long as he looks like he's a candidate, it's going to be hard for anyone else to jump into the race. Republicans are going to want to run on Trump's legacy and it's hard to do that when Trump is a candidate. If he doesn't actually run, he's going to look like he's running until he endorses one of his children. It's easier to run against one of Trump's children than to run against Trump himself.

Unless I'm missing something--seems a nice Catch 22 [?]
New I will never understand what Republicans are complaining about.
They've won everything since (at least) 1980. What's the biggest Leftist success we've had in the past 4 decades? The PPACA. Also known as the Republican healthcare program of Massachusetts. That's the Left's big win in forty years. But, wait, there's more. There's a "compromise" bill apparently nearing completion where the unemployment supplement will be $300/week. Funny, that's the amount Mitch initially said he wanted. No, no, no, we're told, the Left pushed for that. Bullshit. The Left's stated ambition was $600/week (note: I've no cat in this fight as I'm fortunate enough not to qualify should I become unemployed). Will Rogers' observation that he didn't belong to an organized political party is more accurate now than ever. This country is a joke. I ranted and railed against Trump as hard as anyone, but in the final analysis he more accurately reflected how fucked up we are than anyone in memory.

It's mourning in America again.
New Given total bewilderment in many..
Methinks there exist just now some (improbable but possible overhaul of the steady [-]-slope since (~1968 +/- by my sextant).
As we are amidst unprecedented and acute turmoil, predictions can only echo a departed friend's fav exclamation, You SIlly!
Yet when a one tots-up a personal list (from some knowledge of) what is broken: (physically aka) infrastructure,
repairs omitted for decades etc. and (mentally) cf. all past characterizations of our absence of honor, ethics or
truthiness aka Character..

Fixing a Country on a slope asymptotic --> [Shit-hole list] # X, a country wherein some ~40% demonstrate ignorance so great
that they be unteachable-by-design of their fantasies: well, you know..

We must cultivate more antidotes to circular-worries of the type, "the Sky is falling, Chicken Little'?", I wot.
(Believe it all becomes easier for those who had already overcome the National-soporific: I Need More Stuff).
That has always seemed the strongest evidence of a total misunderstanding of what Wealth actually should mean.

Carrion ..sometimes it's Life-affirming :-) But needs first: a real *SHOCK!!* to awaken to unususpected opportunity.
LIff ..ever sucks. The stick which is always too, the carrot? (I hope it works this way!)
New KOS' phrasing "one of Trump's children" seems like an unnecessarily convoluted spelling of "Ivanka".
     re Trumpkin toddlers 'Running'. . an apt, concise opinion: - (Ashton) - (3)
         I will never understand what Republicans are complaining about. - (mmoffitt) - (1)
             Given total bewilderment in many.. - (Ashton)
         KOS' phrasing "one of Trump's children" seems like an unnecessarily convoluted spelling of "Ivanka". -NT - (CRConrad)

There’s nothing we like more than appearing to be open minded.
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