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New And ... it is gone.

Apparently the last cables snapped and the instrument platform crashed into the dish.
New "Klaatu barada nicto, ¡coñyoYA!"
..says one irascible commenator..

Perusing the (google == bad-translate) from my once better Español:
Seems that the Government maintenance--access roads on through entire construction--has been as miserable as ..all the scurrilous machinations (via US and the greedheads in charge) of this benighted but beautiful place: is being excoriated in most of the comments.

Sic transit Gloria Phillipines--fat chance in a near-bankrupt world, of any replacement soon :-/

(I didn't much flinch when the 'Bevatron' complex got scrapped); after all, it had accelerated everything on the Periodic Chart (well, to 6.2 GeV/C anyway)
--not that the dis-US later ran with the beautiful Bragg-peak of heavy-ions, sharp as a surgeon's scalpel--for further use on humans, of these remarkable capabilities.
Japan built a H.I. accelerator, ..tiny compared with the tandem accelerators needed at LBL: with energy range re humans. Last I heard, we built zippo.

But Arecibo was right Up-there in modern relevance to scoping the Galaxies. (Bloody-Bezos could fund a replacement--just out of grift profits from COVID).
New 900 ton instrument platform ... oof

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             Now one of those new monster chips could process the entire history of SETI@Home in a day -NT - (drook)
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             And I heard it only took 6 days to get where we are. :) -NT - (a6l6e6x)
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             "Klaatu barada nicto, ¡coñyoYA!" - (Ashton)
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                 900 ton instrument platform ... oof -NT - (drook)

Beware of things that go blimp in the night...
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