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New "44 States" showing rises in (you know) heard, en passant /npr report.
Should last Thursday's avalanche of the mindless happen in December, with n% of Critical Workers (re power plants? meds?
food--harvesting or delivery? ____? hors de combat:

Maybe it's not too early to stock-up and prepare for every family-unit being On Their Own 'indefinitely', our mantra in all things since '17 with 45..
The Lemmings are in the lead and Nobody Has a near-enough factual listicle of the coming Unknowns, as in the word, 'unprecedented'.

While my situation is more isolated and (unfindable) than that of a large majority, am in Year of the Jackpot mode--wherein Potiphar Breen and his recent associate
..move on Out --> he in anticipation of a possible "G-star" ever going Nova--but hiding this matter from friend .
(All that: bereft of any presence of a tunesmith penning, "We Will All Go Together" [fanfare]

Theme, then: CAN?? 'Muricans smarten-up just-enough to make the entire next Scene not look like the most un- believable slapstick, ever?

(Meanwhile: the cute-as-a-bug's ear grey fox manages to beat the raccoons to his decent chow, sometimes
--pity he's too shy to come, trip motion sensor and then I deliver: which shyness keeps him alive in this animal-
unconcerned desert I inhabit, so like the larger 'Murica).

aka: SAVE an unconcerned-neighbor's dog left outsie (?) via a cheap shelter box--when you see it's cold enough to kill him/her, eh?
Makes endorphins--I can attest.
Expand Edited by Ashton Nov. 29, 2020, 05:53:08 PM EST
New Inauguration should be interesting.
Given it's proximity to Xmas and the "two to three week" delay in spikes from gatherings.

It's mourning in America again.
     "44 States" showing rises in (you know) heard, en passant /npr report. - (Ashton) - (1)
         Inauguration should be interesting. - (mmoffitt)

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