(As so often_) especially Diebold (and Rand's artfully-fine fine sendups of) Die! Bold!--with facts about that highly-biased (CIEIO) org.

I saw that topic then, as merely representative of the horrifically naive organization of all these 50-State: individual 'System amateurs',
so often not even doing decent Boolean in their thought processes: as guaranteed [that which you reported]
..nor do I see any remedy in sight: given the odda of any Constitutional amendment to rethink
our entire Idea! of (honest voting? amidst all the gotchas available to Pols everywhere??)

Might as well elect Pollyanna-directly. We are Institutionally fscked, from the get-go (and 'revolution' in the gun-obsessed world-Capital? is ...
as sure a FAIL as expecting every Xian-evangelical to look in mirror and say-back: "I.. Hypocrite!"

Maybe the final summary of our tribal-mix of homo-saps is? They went out as lemmings do :-/
BUT: should the new, much more Aware and Thinking 'kids' roll-on --> in the spirit of the magnificent Greta Thunberg.. ... ....?