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New I would assume, yes, it doesn't.
I haven't checked recently, but it was almost impossible to even find out how much RAM an iPad v1 had. Apple doesn't want its users worrying about such things.

Good luck.

New Yep, I use one a lot.
When your consuming data and not creating it they're just fine.

When we bought the original first iPad for my wife, we bought a wireless keyboard for it. That was money wasted as it is never used.

The "manual" they come with is a single piece of paper that might be folded! :)

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New We got a v1 as well.
An amazing little box, and (as you say) very good for "consuming" content. It had cellular data, so was kinda handy for traveling.

But very frustrating if you wanted to do something as simple as cut-and-paste between 2 web pages. Going back to the first page inevitably triggered a page refresh so one would, say, lose one's place in an editor box. And quickly goobble-up one's cellular data allotment if one wasn't careful.

I'm sure they're better and more capable now, but they're still just overgrown phones in many respects. The Samsung Android tablets I've tried aren't any better (and seem to fill up their storage after a year or so).

YMMV!! :-)

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                 We got a v1 as well. - (Another Scott)

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