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New I certainly don’t *need* to jump
I seldom summon up the ol’ MBP, which can still do everything it ever did, including Adobe CS4, except for modern browsing. I kinda hate to send it to the graveyard. If I could think of anyone who could make use of the old trouper, I’d gladly give it over.

My cheesegrater (a 2010 jobbie jumped up by means of firmware magic to 2012 specs) is also showing its age online, but since it has a feral package of the “Mudbrick” suite of “Fetid Fog” applications inexplicably installed, I am disposed to ride the machine for as long as I can: it has, after all, saved me well over thrice the platform’s purchase price.

New Safari?
About "the ol’ MBP, which can still do everything it ever did ... except for modern browsing" and, above, "Browser issues proliferate": Are you just by-default running the default browser? Maybe those aren't browser issues but Safari issues. Perhaps something else would work better.

   Christian R. Conrad
The Man Who (used to think he) Knows Fucking Everything

Mail: Same username as at the top left of this post, at iki.fi
New Re: Safari?
Yeah, Chrome sometimes answers my needs..

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