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New I’m tempted
My existing MacBook Pro is going on twelve, and while it was a marvel of miniaturization back in the day, today it feels as though I should be transporting it in a steamer trunk. It’s been a trouper, but it’s stalled at…“Mavericks,” I think? Browser issues proliferate.

The mortgage being retired (although the semiannual property taxes, formerly absorbed by these payments, will be due in a fortnight for a sum almost exactly equal to the usual monthly outlay), I am tempted to score one of these. Gruber at “Daring Fireball” is very impressed.

New v1 is sometimes problematic.
We've got about six 2012 MBPs here that I've upgraded to SSDs and added more RAM. They're still amazing machines if a little heavy. (A couple need the HD cable replaced.)

The M1 is amazing as a chip, but until things are recompiled, etc., much of the software isn't going to benefit much (though Apple claims it's "just as fast").

Kinda relatedly, I've been looking at mobile Ryzen laptops but just about all of them (maybe until very recently) have been hobbled by having only 8 GB of soldered RAM. 16 GB versions supposedly exist, but they're always out of stock or otherwise unavailable from Lenovo... Intel doesn't have the same sway with Apple that they do with Lenovo, obviously, but it's good to see how the M platform evolves, and real-world benchmarks.

If you need to jump, understood. But we're going to wait. Especially until Office is native and Teams runs (reasonably well) on it.

With all of that said, laptops don't evolve as fast as phones and cellular networks, especially Apple laptops. They might not have a laptop "M3" out for 5 years - who knows. Presumably the software will mostly catch up by early 2023 or so.

Good luck!

New I certainly don’t *need* to jump
I seldom summon up the ol’ MBP, which can still do everything it ever did, including Adobe CS4, except for modern browsing. I kinda hate to send it to the graveyard. If I could think of anyone who could make use of the old trouper, I’d gladly give it over.

My cheesegrater (a 2010 jobbie jumped up by means of firmware magic to 2012 specs) is also showing its age online, but since it has a feral package of the “Mudbrick” suite of “Fetid Fog” applications inexplicably installed, I am disposed to ride the machine for as long as I can: it has, after all, saved me well over thrice the platform’s purchase price.

New Safari?
About "the ol’ MBP, which can still do everything it ever did ... except for modern browsing" and, above, "Browser issues proliferate": Are you just by-default running the default browser? Maybe those aren't browser issues but Safari issues. Perhaps something else would work better.

   Christian R. Conrad
The Man Who (used to think he) Knows Fucking Everything

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New Re: Safari?
Yeah, Chrome sometimes answers my needs..

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