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New Not just that
"The Joule Supercomputer costs tens of millions of dollars to build, with 84,000 CPU cores spread over dozens of racks, and it consumes 450 kilowatts of power.

"In this demo, the Joule Supercomputer used 16,384 cores, and the Cerebras computer was 200 times faster, according to energy lab director Brian Anderson. Cerebras costs several million dollars and uses 20 kilowatts of power."

Orders of magnitude faster, cheaper, and more energy efficient. Damn.

New Yeah, I caught that
This one is a game changer on price/performance. So then it become a matter of the software catching up. Not sure if it's possible, but a couple of racks of these cpus scare me.
New ..Time to retell: the plural of opus is 'opera'--Engrish! ..aIn't it cute? :-þ
... Grand Opera IS: a series of small 'works'. As, in fact it IS!
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That is not actually a charming anecdote!
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