a generation after a massivee improvement in Education--funded from Billionaires' pockets mainly--
creates the chance that .. people just may prefer living in an environment in which Facts not only exist
but are seen to be as essential as *oxygen. (Maybe after a first reading of Confucius' little koan?)

Oh. Well ... pie in the Sky, kinda like a local Upper Crust™ bakery, whose Amaretto Pumpkin PIe
(made only in Seasons such as this one)
is, simply: the very best I've sampled, ever (of course you have to love pumpkin pie in the first place);
not everyone has the savoire faire to care--unless you also share a disdain for almost any form of 'apple pie' ;^>

* Jon Ossoff, interviewed by Amanpour just now--speaks of a revolution in thinking, in GA ..hype free and
revealing a promising intellect--pretty much (also too) via some planned, bitchin local education reforms
along with authentic health care. In GA (!)

Send $$ --> That pair of possible McConnell nullifiers! Right?