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New A pragmatic view?
From Ars Technica:

Again, let’s take a look at what’s going on. Trump is completely AWOL right now, hiding in the White House. If he thought he was winning this, he’d be out crowing about it. The best message coming out of McConnell is that Trump has the right to make legal challenges. That’s not remotely him signaling he’s got Trump’s back. Every single significant legal challenge to the counts have been laughed out of court for lack of evidence, and the desperate calls for evidence have ended up with zip. All major news agencies are calling Biden “President-Elect”, and running stories about how depressed the mood is in the White House with discussions as to what it’ll look like when Trump acknowledges he’s not going to be president.

None of these things point to Trump somehow managing to cheat his way into a second term. Again, definitely don’t be complacent or cocky. But there’s absolutely NO reason to be pessimistic or panicked about the current trajectory of this.

All Trump is doing right now is tweeting (and re-tweeting talking points) about how Fox is shit.

We know he can't keep his yap shut for five seconds if he thinks he's winning.

Also, there's this.
New I think Stephen Colbert said it best.
"One last grift for the road."

He's sending out thousand upon thousand of fund raising solicitations for the "Official Election Defense Fund." A plethora of news outlets have followed where the money is going and it is to help pay off Trump's campaign debts. It's yet another in a long line of Trump cons.

It's mourning in America again.
New TBH that'll be the limit of it.
Hoover out the wallets of a few temporarily embarrassed millionaires, keep the wolves from the door for the foreseeable, and then go back to tweeting from the golden throne.

Well, until NYSD unleash their law-boner upon him.
New They'll never convict him in a jury trial.
Too many Trumpistas around the country; any trial is likely to hold at least one they don't filter out. (Saw somebody do the math once a month or so ago) Hung jury, unless the shine wears off, and he's likely to keep spouting nonsense out of office to keep his people going.
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                             They'll never convict him in a jury trial. - (InThane)
                 They are trying to block/delay certification - (scoenye)

Not sure if that makes your statement true or false...
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