1) Electoral College is here to stay. It gives disproportionate power to high land, low population states. They are not going to give up minority rule because it is in their interest to keep it.

2) The Senate was structured from the start to concentrate power in the hands of white, land owning rich men. Over centuries that has allowed 0.1% of the population to own something like 70% of the wealth. They aren't going to give it back of their own volition.
You seem to use the word "should" a lot. It doesn't seem to fit reality. All the prattle I was inundated with in grade school in the 50's was just a pretty story to keep the rabble in line. The claims of America being the leader of democracy in the world is just bullshit that was passed around at the time. We aren't a democracy and never have been. I'd be happy just to see us get back to being a first world country again. Expecting people to relinquish power and/or money for "the greater good" as seen by someone else is just being silly (usually. There are a few exceptions here and there.)