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New Envy..
as my late-09 24" heads into a hazy atmosphere --> with its altimeter stuck on [El Capitan--its last ever OS ∆].
With the SSD swap-in it does as much as I need, akin to the Acura Plutocrat (with its high-torque gadget and silent 5-cylinder guts).
Those memory prices--still--have to grate exceedingly on all ept purchasers who aren't Repos.
Lucky spousette! ..that meta-tech screen alone should dazzle.

If the dis-US stays semi-functioning despite the Odds, my local Pro may have in his trade-ins--a 27" of similar specs
(though its non-upgradeability shall suck in advance)--the cost of dealing with oligarchs--perpetually in-heat.
I cannot imagine re-re-adapting to anything less than this lone-but-Greedhead supplier of both hardware AND its OS, ever.
New Assuming the screen and sound are as good as the monitor I had at the previous gig ...
I'm jealous, too. When I had shoulder surgery I took the monitor home and had it on the desk in my bedroom. I could take the magic mouse to bed with me and use it to play Netflix. Even from across the room it was bright and crisp and the sound was better than most TVs I've had.

New Yeah ..sight! is everything, whatever is under the hood.
When my eBay near-new 20" *arrived.. on f'ing-Dial-Up via the local library--I just stared at that Screen:
It's MINE!!--all Mine {think, re Frankenstein} ... It's a l l v e . . . !!!
Then after cable--just stared at the screen again, watching URLs load in negative-time.

* especially after eons with Win-98 ..and then-expensive monitors--cadged cheap at local 'faires', etc--but still lousy resolution and fonts.
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Very small hands... and NO Vaseline.
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