Focussing on this One story: measures the ∑ of Reasons as describe Full-scale: matters which Muricans must [?] consider within any imagined-solutions to be attempted in any Revised Immigration BILL.

ie Scale & Relativity via the corpse of one young woman AND all those (discovered) who knew her history--preamble to this hideous death. If a one can't find some Aha!s within this human story then .... never mind any 'Bills' next, just punt. Again.

What Remains

The third episode in Radiolab’s border trilogy follows anthropologist Jason De León after he makes a grisly discovery in Arivaca, Arizona. With the human cost of prevention through deterrence weighing on the show, it tries to parse what drives migrants to cross through such deadly terrain, and what, if anything, could deter them.

Podcast ..when it gets added to list in the obvious Place. fwiw