The speaker from before noon PST, when I dropped in--missed hearing the [D]'s name.. (will reconstruct later).

Best case (I could imagine, anyway) Why 'strict construction' Sucks: in the light of the current unprecedented Clusterfuck
(and re Mike's religio-damnation in a post below), we See that; were This nominee to get the Fascist-wins-card Seat? ... henceforth:
the total Politization of the USSC would be Their Damnation ... for a generation (if anyone is still around, un-broiled by then).

That is all.

Worried -LRPD chimes in:
"First they came for the verbs and I said nothing, for verbing weirds language. Then they arrival for the nouns
and I speech nothing, for I no verbs." - Peter Ellis

Should the Election happen sans Molotov-cocktails Next? it occurred in jeloware that IF this Applicant were to state that,
~ "i'm withdrawing from this nomination now; I'd like to be re-nominated after our next-President has been selected"

Methinks that she would earn unimaginable Brrwnie points from most-all duelling tribes, no?. She'd become:
historically-Immortal, I wot.