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"not to be confused with the Yoo-who created the torture recipes for Cheney."

The Luftwaffe's chief interrogator during WWII is the guy who designed all the mosaic murals for Disney World Florida.

Of course, he was never accused of torture, only of excessive guile at obtaining information.

Once he had learned something worthwhile, he released his subject to the POW camps, but always had a little farewell celebration. He once even took a captured pilot out to the airfield and let him fly a BE109 (with only a few minutes fuel, of course).

His actual rank is unknown, but was probably pretty high, as he was allowed to wear any rank he thought appropriate for a particular interrogation.
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Love to know the REST of that story; [source?] This guy seems to possess much more imagination than ..your stereotypical Goose-stepper [then and Now].

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" (~~ Ǣ)
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I read this in an issue of Air Force Magazine that I found lying around somewhere, many years ago. It was written by a WWII US pilot who had been captured during the war and interrogated by him. He looked the guy up for an interview.

Since the guy assured him he never released a pilot until he found out something he didn't already know. The pilot asked him, "What did you get from me?" He replied,
"Oh, I did so many, I couldn't possibly remember".
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Saved this for full-attention time.

Fascinating: the Site is veritably the counter to: yielding to one's anticipation-bias
and, akin to the German pilot who withheld fire on the crippled B-17.

(We must also remember not to take such fine acts as any excuse re 'glories of warring').
Catch 22.
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