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New We had one for a while, much newer design
It was like this: https://youtu.be/_3UOw2Qn7oM

Didn't transfer any motion side-to-side. I didn't find it felt significantly different from a decent regular mattress though.

New Yeah, those newer non-slosh designs . . .
. . have never had the proper waterbed feel.

To me, temperature regulation is a most important feature. Lately the weather has gone from very hot to rather cool, then back again, rapidly and repetitively, so I've had to adjust the temperature every couple of days. Fortunately that only takes about 3 seconds.

How much water is in them also has a great deal to do with feel and slosh. I have to add water once or twice a year as it evaporates through the plastic. I don't like it too firm, but when it become too soft it won't stay made.

Waterbeds were first invented for temperature control with bad burn victims, but
they have moved to mud beds, which wrap around better.
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                 Yeah, those newer non-slosh designs . . . - (Andrew Grygus)

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