on Freakonomics == PBS/npr via however you get that (or local drill).

Overseen by the guy in charge of 'medico stuff'?) in-Charge at 9/11. Forget Title.
This is the most thorough, Logical! and perfectly outlined: DRILL if you REALLY want to keep a Group--as safe as anyone yet knows how-to-do.

(The Obv. Q is: this takes gigundo use of people, resources ... for the Q. also addressed: Why not?? Do This ... alll over. A question of Scale: also addressed (NFL does pay attention to: Not overstressing any public sources, etc.

tl;dr you aren't likely to see next, any ∑ of The Problem ..as pellucid as this. The Overseer is as adept with language, explication as any geek would wish to find: it was/is? his Profession, making stuff so complete and clear that [always there can be Idiots: Fire these]

Carrion? no ..antidote.