(After all-nite Tee Vee?)

1) Find. a. Way. to. (after Cheezburgers n'Gatorade with fave white powders) get outta here, S.A.P.
2) Executive BreakĀ®
3) Golf--bring Cheap-cheats for Dummies, the coat-pocket version (+ white powder)
4) If can't escape: call Bolsonaro or Duterte for a fiendly chat about weaponizing Goodness (or PM BJ)
5) ApologizeAgain to mate {what's-her-name?} for the listicle of alt-wives-for-4-minutes, extant
6) Bone spur is acting up ..gotta take a Med-break
7+) Quick! ..think of Something exculpatory, bogus thus only seems-a-Lie ...rather than Way-of-Liff.
8) Air-Foce-One taxi ---> Mar-a-Iago [Oh Thank! you]: Mr. The Bard

If ONLY: he could realize, I Can Fly! ..if I want-to-enough
..that 2nd-floor veranda opens to the outdoors, IIRC

PS: Todat (snidely reported on Amanpour just now w/ ept UK guest) Boris J. is acting-out in
100%-Drumpfian (ill-) manner: How To Erase Brexit--as if I-never-voted-for-it .. ...
er, Cha. Cha. Ch-Cha. (it's baack from days of yore) in these parts ;^>