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New Admin: Lang Lang! on Amanpour: Goldberg Variations snippet + more.
Methinks we have a peer of the magick of Glenn Gould's partitas and The Goldberg--not aborning, but fully-fledged. Flawless English.

Surely a must see/hear for your nascent virtuoso (virtuosi?) ..and snyone else who needs no Intro to JSB and the whole
related musical universe. Amanpour's Q&A was typically cogent and elicited many details of how LL began,
rose to his current stellar status--he was in China; Christiane in UK.

[Usual drill: if you have PBS-Passport you can watch this as & when]. Lucky lucky your tykes. And us.

That is all.
Except: I heard Gould live in Berkeley. (Yes: wore his legendary overcoat).
(Also, besides 3 LL sessions--one at start, another and at end--there were several normal issues), ept authors of current events
idiocies--within the hour. Only a precocious young history /government wonk is apt to partake, but it does build er, vocabulary..

Ed: PS I daresay that THIS episode of Amanpour shall be viewed indefinitely often; in so brief a time: LL's persona is revealed as few
Std 'interviewers' possess the gravitas which [both Chstiane and Lang Lang] demonstrate here (and fortunately ..re most other topics).
I place Her to be on Edward R. Murrow's Scale, ie nearest the Apex of such Talents. fwiw
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New Thanks!
Today is the opening digital concert for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra too! We're eager to see how it goes.
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.
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