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New Attending parties can be dangerous . . .
. . and it's not just the COVID.

My assistant T is in Alabama, finishing her recovery from near death (not COVID or party related). She has reported to me the recent experiences of her cousin in Texas.

At around 2:00am, Cousin was driving home from a party where she'd had a few drinks. She hit some sort of barrier, and the car burst into flames. She's now in the hospital with serious burns, and is being charged with DUI and felony child endangerment.

Her 6 year old son was in the car with her. He lost both ears and all his fingers. I'm sure this involved serious pain.
New Oof. That's awful.
Remember kids, it's fine to go out and get trollied, but get a fucking taxi home, right?
New I was in jail with a guy
He was very sad. His buddies told me not to ask why he was in there. It seemed he killed his whole family in a drunken driving accident. He was one of the few trustworthy people in jail. But he was very sad.
New been a while but the car keys are put away for the night when I take the first drink
took a while to learn that particular skill
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
New That's what I thought
10:00 p.m.

One kid was asleep and another was staying overnight at a friends. I thought I was safe.

I have been drinking for about a half hour when the call came in. You have to pick her up. What the f***?

And because I had already been drinking at that moment I had made the poor decision that I was capable of driving. Yeah, I made it home, but I shouldn't have turned the key in the first place.

Alcohol makes for really stupid decisions.
     Attending parties can be dangerous . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (4)
         Oof. That's awful. - (pwhysall)
         I was in jail with a guy - (crazy)
         been a while but the car keys are put away for the night when I take the first drink - (boxley) - (1)
             That's what I thought - (crazy)

There aren't many trolls in North Korea, either.
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