..a Shit-mine re the daily dismantlings, prevarications, EVIL-∑ of, You Fucking Know Who {Plural}

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:Hint: [Day 1317: "Profoundly."] ... Yeah he read that teleprompter like he 'reads' everything else

The Biden campaign bought the domain name and turned it into a list of Trump’s broken promises.
“Trump isn’t looking for a second term,” the page reads. “He’s looking for a do-over.” The page also lists a number of promises Trump had made that the Biden campaign says he hasn’t delivered on. Trump announced that Keep America Great would be his re-election slogan before the formal launch of his campaign last year. (Politico / NBC News)

Who dares to say? .."There's no such Thing as 'Cosmic Humour'". Not moi.;^>