Susan Rice, UN Ambassador 2009-2013-- appears as last segment (15 minutes +) re Jacob Blake near- assassination.
(Earlier a flack from DJT's coterie fulminates, spouts bafflegab)--A. unable to get him even to to start on a crucial query
--first time I've seen her encounter such; she had to punt. Rice details rvrnts (from leaving DJT's incoming: a detailed
How-To re a pandemic and.. says outright that he employed the Event with solely politucal-based aims. Succinctly, eloquently. A Treason, step-by-step.

I anticipate some serious psyche /psycho-disassembling of the Theme of this FINAL Dog/Pony unReality show, violating so many Laws, throughout.
(Never mind the sardined maskless mummers) ... on The People's WH lawn: never supposed to be engaged for political purposes, etc. That's for two-weeks from now.

(Breonna Taylor: on Cover of this month's Vanity Fair)..may the piling-on PIle On.