don't exaggerate! (especially DOOM); though Dumbth is still O.K. Voting the straight Oblivion-ticket, Bunkie?

We will never surrender!
We will Fight them (and the Bitches)
In the Streets and the com-pu-ter-gamer Halls

Do Try to revel a tad in the fact that: never before in History-writ-down: has ONE Moron been able to bring down the gamut ...
from (all your friends, fiends & family, all local, State/County/Shire governance) and now to: the entire fucking-Planet
(No longer hyperbolic, that).

Stats, Probabilities FAIL ever--prior to a First Example. ... Shouldn't you pay some attention to yer inner Geek-kernel?

('Course too: None of our Laws-of-Nature is without each's Uncertainty Principle--even Math.) aka Earth could become Venus-II.
Moi has an Ace + KIng-of-Hearts in that '21 game+year, all chips in the pot, betting against: that cute Heinlein opus, The Year of the Jackpot
(That didn't happen either).

tl; ..What, Me Worry? (If the universe didn't exist. It [still] wouldn't be missed /Piet Hein)

Carrion. Vultures Love. It.