And, after almost two decades of not wearing a watch at all, I like it.

Telling the time of day is the least important part of it. It's the health related things that interest me. It's constantly monitoring your heartbeat. If you buy the App, and I did, you can get an EKG. I don't do that very often any more.

It's the monitoring of walking that I really like. I still have and use the obsolescent FitBit Zip. Comparing the two, I can tell that counting steps is pretty close. The Apple watch, however, cannot reliably count steps when you're pushing a shopping cart. The FitBit Zip, which I clip on a pants pocket, does not miss a step. But, if you don't step at least 8 steps, the FitBit does not count them at all. Anyway, recently the FitBit, which I've had since Xmas of 2013, "awarded" me their longest distance badge "Pole to Pole", i.e. North Pole to South Pole or 12400 miles. But, the Apple watch, which has GPS access, tells me that the FitBit is overestimating the distance by about 10%. Looking at the related Activity App on the iPhone, I can see all kinds of statistics and even a map of the walk I took. The only statistic that is bogus is "Flights Climbed". My 5+ mile walk this morning did not do 45 floors. GPS is not that accurate when it comes to elevation.

The other feature I use a lot is to look at incoming calls. It's so easy to reject what are likely spam calls.

Also, handy are simple replies to text messages.