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New Re: re Chauvin, the cop with a twisted childhood--a query?
I can't find the actual 1960 story, only references to it, but the idea is there.

Here's a reference:


"... I informed him of the Theory of Nomenclature, by Roger Price, who believed individuals grow to fit their name as society interprets that name. A few examples were Carols, big boned wholesome women who made good wives, Nicks were good at card games but not to be trusted. and Hershels wore horn-rimmed glasses and made good study partners."

I think you may be onto something!
New Loved Roger Price's "Avoidism" book, way-back!
2-16-56 Review! A Hoot-itself: see the list of "sounds like ____"
(But to assign 'weight/perspective' to his examples, you pretty much had to have earned a bit of cuth, too).

He was a wag with Cuth--while snide only to those who saw-Selves within his "bending sickle's compass come"*
* The Bard ever forces us to salute Word-possibilities, unless we just want to stay dumb. it's-so-easy. Since this
is from Sonnet 116, about Love ..this Is what fuly-Conscious Beings manage to do, I wot.

And your linkie also a Hoot ;^>
Doubt that I qualify re assigning such name-indicators, though.. as above example: having known a few 'Wills',
looking back: these were persons with an active 'will' (not the much more common 'willfulness' disease, so local to dis-U.S.)

Any one of us has been Lucky ..ever to have evaded 'schooling' wherein The Bard's opera were Bowdlerized, taught
much like Classic Comics (the cheat-sheet for the Drumpfs-of-the-Time, I now wot).

Carrion ... we must each find better provenance than ..a Cheese-Mac-a-Day. Eh?
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             Loved Roger Price's "Avoidism" book, way-back! - (Ashton)

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