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New Re: A familiar word ..resurfaces: quagmire!
It's a good word!

From the reviews:

" A brilliant study that has lost none of its power despite the history that unfolded after its publication, Halberstam's book deserves to be read again and again."

New It's a familiar theme in all our History, I wot:
As there is no S.A.T.--grade TEST! mandatory before being-allowed-to ascend to US-CIEIO, we gets (as most often more obvious: re a certain former-'Party')
the cuthless, the ethics-free, the barren in reading skills and Imagination (along with the Certainty-mindset) of calibre ~Shrub.

Forced-reading of books wouldn't work at all, at this Late-stage-desire for seppuku in such folk; I vote Sterilization.
(Alas too: 'twas, I think because of JFK's charisma?) that, even later-on:
Obvious Ignorance of ∑ about Vietnam went Zooom, then-again! re Afghanistan, Iraq, Grenada! et al.

We are smug unTeachables. Over & Out.
     A familiar word ..resurfaces: quagmire! - (Ashton) - (4)
         Re: A familiar word ..resurfaces: quagmire! - (dmcarls) - (1)
             It's a familiar theme in all our History, I wot: - (Ashton)
         And that reminded me of "marlowe" -NT - (a6l6e6x) - (1)
             Indeed; wish I had a link to his intended-snarky sketch about that Word. - (Ashton)

That was never five minutes!
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