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New And that was the trial balloon
Heimatliche Sicherheit is about to extend their TLC to other cities

Der Donald:
I’m going to do something that I can tell you, because we’re not going to leave New York and Chicago and Philadelphia, Detroit and Baltimore, and all of these — Oakland is a mess. We’re not going to let this happen in our country, all run by liberal Democrats
New Nope, saw a great point online over the weekend
The trial balloon is what they've been doing with CBP/ICE. This is the beginning of the rollout.

New That Is ..quite scarier, for damn-sure :-/
Because [my bias] Fed. COPS do not reflect the Duty-to-the-Constitution as most actual-Military swear to, and even moi still presumes--a majoriy likely, really *Mean it

* Seven Days in May flic.
'Jiggs' has revealed to Prez that a (military-) coup is being formed, using a "Sweepstakes", 'are you betting?'" ploy to communicate.

Prez: So then Jiggs, you go with the Constitution, do you?
Jiggs: {thinks a moment} ~~Well, ..yes Sir.
New Wouldn't put too much money on that bet
The US Navy Seals are investigating after footage emerged of military dogs attacking a "stand-in" wearing a Colin Kaepernick shirt at an event last year.

(And the take-over of the Airforce Academy by The Crusaders(tm) has already been mentioned here several time. Can't think the other branches would be much different.)
     The Authoritarian Operation in Portland Is Only a Dress Rehearsal A major American city is being - (Ashton) - (22)
         That's the Portland Police. - (a6l6e6x) - (21)
             I'm betting that DJT is iggerant of the 1930s - (Ashton) - (16)
                 He has said he keeps a copy of Mein Kampf next to his bed - (jake123) - (15)
                     Huh!? ..never heard That. Thanks! ..I think. - (Ashton)
                     As *if* he's ever read a book in 50 years. -NT - (pwhysall) - (13)
                         See Scoenye's post below about the dry-run aspect of this - (jake123) - (12)
                             Did you see the Wallace interview? - (pwhysall) - (5)
                                 He's not going to withdraw - (jake123) - (4)
                                     Alternatively . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (3)
                                         That has crossed my mind too! -NT - (a6l6e6x) - (1)
                                             Love to See! that escapade.. thence Putin's very first Question: - (Ashton)
                                         Wonder if Snowden will let him couchsurf... - (scoenye)
                             TBH, the protester are doing it wrong - (scoenye) - (5)
                                 Sarcasm? -NT - (drook) - (4)
                                     Mostly. Remember that other Oregon stand-off? - (scoenye) - (3)
                                         You might notice a (highly visible) difference -NT - (drook) - (2)
                                             I can think if 2 - (scoenye) - (1)
                                                 obviously there are no riots or a city out of control pics - (boxley)
             And that was the trial balloon - (scoenye) - (3)
                 Nope, saw a great point online over the weekend - (drook) - (2)
                     That Is ..quite scarier, for damn-sure :-/ - (Ashton) - (1)
                         Wouldn't put too much money on that bet - (scoenye)

It's like Parkay: You think it's LRPD, but it's not.
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