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New Re: "from above the Black Sea"
Today, that's Ukraine.

National Geographic, the printed edition of August 2019 which I have, had an article called "Who Were The First Europeans?". Unfortunately, a paywall blocks the link.

Anyway, the area above the Black Sea that is Ukraine and extending into the part of Russia just North of the Caspian Sea is called Yamnaya homeland. The Yamnaya were the third wave of Humans to enter and spread around Europe.

The first wave were the Hunter-gatherers from Africa some 45,000 years ago.

The second wave were the Neolithic farmers from the Fertile Crescent (now Syria, Iraq, and Turkey) and made it to Greece about 6800 BC, Ukraine 6300 BC, Spain and France 5200 BC, the British Isles and Scandinavia 4000 BC.

The third wave from Yamnaya, got to Romania about 3300 BC, Poland 2900 BC, Scandinavia 2800 BC, Southern Alps 2500 BC, British Isles and Spain 2200 BC. The DNA profile of Norwegians is over 50% Yamnaya, the French and English are about 40% Yamnaya.

The Yamnaya introduced horses and wagons to Europe.

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