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New My version.
"I'm sorry. I'm a Pagan. I have much better Gods (and Goddesses) to choose from than yours."

Proselytizers in North America are totally mystified how to approach anyone not already a Christian. None of their scripts work.

Singles site: Lady who clearly didn't bother to actually read my profile - she was looking for a "God fearing man". My response: "I'm a Pagan. I know many Gods (and Goddesses), and I don't choose to associate with any I would need to fear".
New The cure they're selling is from their own malaise.
Jesus^W evangelicals knocking at the door: "Let me in! I have to save you!"
Me, inside: "Save me from what?"
Them: "From what I'll do if you don't let me in!"

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                 The cure they're selling is from their own malaise. - (static)

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