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New Re: "only an act of truly diabolical enormity that is going to take the shine off that"
When it comes to Churchill that's my view.

If it wasn't for him and his leadership, we would now be communicating in Deutsch.

"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge."

-- Isaac Asimov
New Churchill was more than a little problematic in dealing with India.

According to a new book on the famine, Sir Winston ignored pleas for emergency food aid for millions in Bengal left to starve as their rice paddies were turned over to jute for sandbag production and supplies of rice from Burma stopped after Japanese occupation.

Between one and three million died of hunger in 1943.

The wartime leader said Britain could not spare the ships to transport emergency supplies as the streets of Calcutta filled with emaciated villagers from the surrounding countryside, but author Madhusree Mukerjee has unearthed new documents which challenge his claim.

In her book, Churchill's Secret War, she cites ministry records and personal papers which reveal ships carrying cereals from Australia were bypassed India on their way to the Mediterranean where supplies were already abundant.

"It wasn't a question of Churchill being inept: sending relief to Bengal was raised repeatedly and he and his close associates thwarted every effort," the author said.

Imperial Britain looted India, and Churchill had a big role in the latter-day parts of that looting.

He was rather bloodthirsty in prosecuting the war as well, but many leaders were...

On the Confederate statues - no traitors should be honored that way. They spit in the face and kneel on the neck of millions in service of white supremacy.

The statues of the old kings and PMs and robber barons of the racist old imperial days should probably be in museums rather than out in revered spaces in public as well.

New He probably also deliberately killed a bunch of Americans.
Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty when all Americans with tickets across the Atlantic were transferred to the Lusitania.

Simultaneously, due to requests by the British government, a full page warning by the Germans featuring a skull and crossbones was held up from being published until the day the Lusitania sailed.

According to the captain, telegrams arrived ordering him to turn the ship to pass close by the known position of a German Uboat.

All telegraph relay stations have two message numbers missing on that day, except one that deleted the text but recorded they were sent to the Lusitania.

This event caused the US to enter the war on the side of Britain.

The Lusitania was a disguised armed cruiser, owned by the British Navy. It was financed by the Navy and was never owned by the steamship line. It was loaded with war materials, and would have survived the torpedo, or at least sunk much more slowly had some not exploded. This has all been confirmed by examination of the wreck, which the British tried for many years to destroy with depth charges, but failed.

The captain was to be tried and convicted of gross negligence, but was acquitted by the judge, who was then disbarred by the British government as punishment.

None of this is conjecture or conspiracy theory, and has been pretty much admitted by the British crown, after the whole thing was published in the next to last issue of Life magazine.

The theory that Churchill knew of the attack on Pearl Harbor, but did not tell Roosevelt is much less likely, but impossible to prove or disprove. The US Navy had provided the British with the method of decoding messages in the JN25 code, but all records of British decoding efforts previous to the Pearl Harbor attack were destroyed.

Churchill was also very anti-Semitic, deliberately doing nothing to help Jews leave Europe. Roosevelt was also very anti-Semitic, having promoted anti-Jewish legislation in the United States, so between the two, many lives were lost.
New My mater was a fan of his n-Vol books [version-of!] WW-II
'Course ..virtually *No author will ever preface his recounting of anything with, ~~
I Am a Scoundrel through-and-through: take this episttle with satisfiction of my Sterling imagination
(As a PS he might add..) BTW my Leadership is why t'other side of the Atlantic still speaks English
* Twain exception--a few others--within a posthumous opus IIRC re The Whole Damned Human Race: does not spare-self in the reckoning.

It ain't just that "History is written by the Winners"; it's that uncensored Truthiness is well beyond the ethics of the vast majority of not-yet-incarcerated bipeds.
(The Puritans, Slavers didn't invent lying, merely worshipped it).
New dont forget he was the first to gas the kurds as well
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
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                 Churchill was more than a little problematic in dealing with India. - (Another Scott) - (3)
                     He probably also deliberately killed a bunch of Americans. - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
                         My mater was a fan of his n-Vol books [version-of!] WW-II - (Ashton)
                     dont forget he was the first to gas the kurds as well -NT - (boxley)
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             most of those statues were placed after firm political control returned to the white aristocracy - (boxley) - (1)
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