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New Not to worry
For those who believe Jesus is their savior:

Salvation by faith, by faith alone, and only by faith, was entirely made up by Paul - as part of his program to exploit Jesus for his own purposes. The churches belong to Paul, who founded them, not to Jesus, who would certainly deny them.

Jesus clearly stated he was to be judge of all, that he was so appointed by God, and that not even God would over-rule him, and he stated he would be looking for proof of living by his teachings - with works more important than faith.

The "Hell of Fire" is going to be pretty crowded.
New Thanks again ..the essence of too-many essays re Paul
but yours employs the fewest words. When I first met a longtime S.O. way-back--the topic of Paul's misogyny + other tell-tales of a scheming perverse-mind
... came up early. Thus began a mutual-admiration Society-of-two, (also free-of most-all religio-prestidigitations--that saved lots of wasted time :-)

But none of us can earn the Cubic-Closest-Packing® igNobel more better than the WW-II legendary dispatch from a US U-boat:
Saw sub. Sank same.

OK maybe Piet Hein wins too, with
If the Universe didn't exist
It wouldn't be
[rhymes with exist]
New yup re pauline church
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
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