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New Re: Oh! No! I got a big red "Windows Malware Alert"!
I'm quit happy with it, except the browser problem. Falkon was projected for December, but I always doubted it would make it. Hopefully in January.

The current production Firefox freezes up on a growing number of sites, though that's fairly easy to deal with - kill the browser and it reloads all the open pages, except the bad one. The worst problem is the current Captcha, which is not supported.

Other than that, stability is good, video support is good. Running DOS programs in a window had video performance problems early on, but it's much better now. It runs on all cores of a multi-core processor and handles any sane amount of memory just fine.

A lot of software is being ported from Linux, but I haven't really looked at it, because my suite of OS/2 programs has served my needs for many years and are much easier to use than more "modern" programs.

The thing most keeping me on OS/2 is Papyrus, the very excellent page layout software I use often for my business documentation. The publisher currently supports only Windows and Mac - no Linux version yet.
New Cool
I don't think I'm going to pony up for a license, at least not right away, but it's good to know that os/2 is still kicking. I can see getting one to run in a VM, but that'll be sometime next year.

I would dearly love to see a port of the WPS to X... or even a new implementation of the ideas of the WPS for X. Among other things, combining the network transparency of X with the objects from the WPS could become an extremely powerful way for people without a lot of familiarity with how to work over networks to do so.
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