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New Re: Clorox bleach
Sodium hypochlorite is the only active ingredient that's listed for Clorox. It's 6.05% of the ingredients. I think it used to be more dilute in the past.

Anyway, it could be the staining was not just oil based which detergents should handle but perhaps even waxy. In that case, an organic solvent of some kind would loosen it up. But, then you have to get rid of the solvent in the next phase. I bet taking to a dry cleaner would work.

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New Chloride, chlorate, hypochlorate ..Chemistry! eet eez Everywhare (if ..half the time
it's become malignant as often as, sorta-OK). Homo-sap jes never Knoze when, enough IS Enough!
Poor Glenn Seaborg (encountered by moi as younger-Lecturer re a 'Westinghouse Science Talent Search' assembly/meeting of the early 50s; then again, in celebration of world's first Heavy-ion duo-accelerator complex, in '74).

He was the first to do microchemistry/pico-chemistry? of Plutonium (and maybe? U235 to see if any chemical-separation chemistry was noticeably different)--a long-shot that, for an under-1% ∆ of At. Wt. Alas, my mini-plebiscite of local yout, over years suggests: that hardly a one has heard of 'valence', of pH as in 'acids, bases, salts' nor all that ensues after Chem 101R/remedial wasn't even peeped by the perps. Surely a Litmus-test {What's Litmus? Phenolphthalein? what's an Indicator?}

We're successfully dumbed-down this. far. as to make 'Climate' an unfathomable Idea ..except to the minuscule-Brightest amongst. Thus to make it a Sell-Short futchah for all the unTeachables-as-voting-bloc.
(It may even be too-late to bother with, "Be Very Afraid")--ponder that, no need to Experience that.

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             Chloride, chlorate, hypochlorate ..Chemistry! eet eez Everywhare (if ..half the time - (Ashton)

That money came from someplace.
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