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New So then, you're good with . . .
. . an inpeachment investigation of Trump? Tulsi has now signed onto that.
New I have always been good with an impeachment
I have always tried to point out the pitfalls of doing so as well. Also point out the ITS IMPEACHABLE! often needs to be pointed out NO ITS NOT!
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" – Richard Feynman
     Whistleblower Report is out. - (mmoffitt) - (31)
         If this doesn't cook him we should pronounce ... - (mmoffitt) - (30)
             by the way, do you have a $50k a month job with no experience needed? Im available -NT - (boxley) - (29)
                 I'm sure you think that's both clever and devastating - (drook) - (28)
                     no explaination needed oh wait he's a democrat, thats different -NT - (boxley) - (7)
                         a politician uses money to force a foreign government into internal actions? sure np - (boxley)
                         Not an explanation, just wtf are you talking about? What $50 k job? -NT - (drook) - (5)
                             Re: Not an explanation, just wtf are you talking about? What $50 k job? - (boxley) - (4)
                                 Just so we're clear ... - (drook) - (3)
                                     Apparently, Joe wanted his son's company investigated - and PUSHED for it. - (mmoffitt) - (1)
                                         so Hunter Bawb had as good a chance at that job as Hunter Biden? -NT - (boxley)
                                     please I cant take a bribe it is illegal, see my kid over there with his handout? - (boxley)
                     Here, then.. - (Ashton)
                     boxley has been moving in this direction for years. - (rcareaga) - (18)
                         defense of the assclown? Not likely - (boxley) - (17)
                             I call BS; you Libertytarians have a mental blind-spot of the "everyone does it" calibre - (Ashton) - (3)
                                 https://www.tulsi2020.com/ is a RWNJ source? shows how out of whack your thinking is -NT - (boxley) - (1)
                                     Affidavit to correct a record: I did not deploy the phrase, 'all your links' in my comment. ;^> -NT - (Ashton)
                                 west side hiway in NYC will NOT be under water by 2020 betcha I will be right - (boxley)
                             So then, you're good with . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
                                 I have always been good with an impeachment - (boxley)
                             Gabbard? Oh, this is high comedy! - (rcareaga) - (10)
                                 what, wrong color for you? Wrong religion? what? edit: adding content - (boxley) - (9)
                                     Your support for Gabbard speaks eloquently for itself - (rcareaga) - (8)
                                         np anyone not white not clinton and most importantly not ass kissing is verboten -NT - (boxley)
                                         ok my interest in her was started when she stuck her foot up Kamala's ass during the debate - (boxley) - (6)
                                             Negative facts? - (rcareaga) - (5)
                                                 ah, so it is her religion not her color that pisses you off, get over it -NT - (boxley) - (4)
                                                     What is he allowed to not like? -NT - (drook) - (3)
                                                         he can not like whatever he wishes - (boxley) - (2)
                                                             Why don't you fold it five ways and put it where the moon don't shine. -NT - (rcareaga) - (1)
                                                                 this is acceptable woo , that is not acceptable woo, because woo, quite a thought process there -NT - (boxley)

But at least you can make it swallow the code.
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