. . with things to investigate.

Right now, I'm tending a bit more modern.
My two top pieces are:

Anthracite Fields - Julia Wolfe

Won Pulitzer prize - most deservedly.
Definitely not dinner music.

and first - by a large margin -

Revelation in the Courthouse Park - Harry Parch

Only one recording on CDs (reissued several times) - and there will probably never be another. The expense would be very high - compared to the risk of being compared to the original. Parch's home made instruments (all in Ancient Greek tuning) still exist and would need to be rented, and the number of top percussionists and vocalists would certainly be costly, as would be the large number of rehearsals required. To do it right, it'd have to be a stage production along with the music.

PS - Demands a top quality sound system. Also not dinner music.