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New Well, I saw a fun one on the Lanterman Freeway.
Some old lady was driving a car with the plate GMILF (Grand Mothers I'd Like to Fuck). I wondered if she knew what it meant.

The Lanterman Freeway (2) is the only freeway in the country (world?) named for a Theater Organist. Of course, when the talkies came in and theater organists were no longer needed, he found himself without useful skills, so he spent the rest of his life in the State Legislature.

The Lanterman House is now a subject of controversy. It contains a full scale working theater organ. Some want to make it a museum, but the neighbors protest there will be parking, traffic, and noise problems.
New Well, Lanterman's chops appear more copacetic than: those of a certain B-movie actor
(though both guilty of 'entertainment'-grade like the present cipher).

A cohort at work was a Big-fan of these massive machines.. prompting moi to go to a [final] concert at the *Fox Theatre in S.F. [a Landmark creation of the Belle Epoch, that was]; seeing movies there as a tyke, all insouciant: I deemd it 'sumptuous'.. (first Use of that new-word then). That old chestnut, Prelude in C# Minor fairly bellowed unto the bones, as I recall ... alas ... only a few JSBach opera--he was after all: An Organist (as we can only imagine how That sounded.)
* ..soon to be torn down. For a fucking Parking Lot! ... and this well before the Dis- had to precede 'USA'.

He had a refurb project-one at home; I recall a fun-Gotcha (he was a bit elderly -vs- the rest of us).
As I wandered into the control room I greeted him with, "Hi Dewey; how's that old organ doing?" A non-plussed Silence ensued ... ... ...
thence a pandemonium of guffaws ..as he searched for the Rightest riposte. Alas no recollection of that; no matter, drowned-out anyway {chortle}.

only the-most-Incisive humor ..might save us all from the Impending. WE MUST! laugh these mental-midgets OFF THE STAGE, daily, hourly, incessantly. I Wot.
GET WITH IT, all youse wannabe-Clowns! spread-it-around, have a neighborhood party, etc. Get interviewed by some local guy/gal w/ microphone. Make Posters, "as-if-your-Life-depended on it" Debate is no longer even possible as folks start stocking-up on torches (my Phlogiston recipe is now available because: it IS that bad).


PS: obviously cannot Post that recipe; should anyone wish to know (how SImple is its recipe) there's e-mail (still, I think).
moi-first-name at Valley Of Moon-as a tla . a common suffix) One hopes we escape the Need; just don't Abuse it, eh?
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                         Well, I saw a fun one on the Lanterman Freeway. - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
                             Well, Lanterman's chops appear more copacetic than: those of a certain B-movie actor - (Ashton)

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