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New Are you sure?
Have you examined enough tiger dens to confirm that?
New 'Nature'/pbs is my confirmation..
I mean.. with all that fancy up-close and telephoto gadgetry: you are There.
Nope, no humanoids on the walls ...
'course sometimes they haven't the luxury of a handy cave.. maybe they stick 'em in a tree branch?
     Tiger -vs- Motorcyclist - (Ashton) - (4)
         tigers got to eat too. protein is protein. -NT - (hnick) - (3)
             Indeed.. also too: Tigers don't go 'round putting human heads in *their* er, 'dens'. -NT - (Ashton) - (2)
                 Are you sure? - (Andrew Grygus) - (1)
                     'Nature'/pbs is my confirmation.. - (Ashton)

And now you see that Evil will always win, because Good is stupid.
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