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New Witches of Los Angeles - LA Times front page.
06-12-2019: The Los Angeles Times published a major "Column One" article on the Witches of Los Angeles. A quarter of the front page and the entire last page of Section One.

It was balanced and not in the least derogatory.

Times are changing. The largest "religion" in the U.S. is now "no religion", but a great many of these people report being "spiritual, but not religious". Many of these people (as well as refugees from the Evangelical churches) are finding what they seek in Witchcraft and Paganism. Pagan sources (print and Web) have noted a major shift in media attitude towards these practices during 2018.

The Gods are returning - in a thousand forms and a thousand concepts. For any who might want to understand this, the book Godless Paganism (non-theist Paganism) is available from Lulu, and a good place to start (especially for agnostics and atheists).

Footnote: There is now a wide and rapidly expanding divide between Wicca (a religion) and Witch (a calling).
New Love. It.
(While pecksniffs will entone ..Sic Transit Gloria Mundi) at this evidence of immanent-sanity-despite the current vox populi..
moi Thanks ..for your perspicuous summary :-)

Maybe Murica can? race towards self-government, even.. given a few precious decades (and many incarcerations.)

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New Noice.
And "New Age" is being pushed into it's own box once again, too.

New Despite all this . . .
. . I still like Ambrose Bierce's definition of Witch

Witch, n. (1) An ugly and repulsive old woman, in a wicked league with the devil.   (2) A beautiful and attractive young woman , in wickedness a league beyond the devil.
New LA Times - letters
The LA Times letters section for today (15 June 2019) published my letter on the above subject.

I am not a witch, but I very much appreciate your article on the witches of Los Angeles.

I and many others appreciate the change in attitude we are seeing in the media for folks who have found strong spiritual support along paths outside the "official religions".

New 'Linux' "help" epitomizes (por moi) the use of that excessive-brevity of er, digital-think.. y'know?
Yours--OTOH--is the enviable discipline of taking the time to make-it-brief {sigh}
(thus aiding the dizzy-schedules of those enmeshed within std. TMI du jour. :-)

I wot that, this briefest kudo has the best chance of entering the brain-pan of LAT's better Editors, re. any future (intentions?) to further elucidate say, ~ what-is-BS-about 'witches et al'? -vs- an authentic stab at portrayal of the diversity, intelligence (and just non-BS) of a vastly-misunderestimated group.
A laudable achievement given the ƒeare & loathing extant within the reptile-brain, via all those scary {Joan-of-Arc?} tales from the Medieval Times
..when there were n-Drumpfs akimbo-and-Shouting: all over the place.

Carrion.. maybe you can come up with a similarly terse Method-next? for full-frontal-evisceration of the Madman-in-Chief;
something actually practicable (but which does not demand the use of explosives? Messy, that.)

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             'Linux' "help" epitomizes (por moi) the use of that excessive-brevity of er, digital-think.. y'know? - (Ashton)

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