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New Re: Typing without using your index finger is *annoying*
Yes, that is certainly true, and I can relate.

It reminds me of a time, so very many years ago, when I screwed up using an industrial box stapling machine. A staple pierced the nail on one side of my thumb, and the pad on the other side, with a modest amount of blood.

Of course, I made the best of it. I showed the girls in the office the holes on both sides and told them the staple had gone all they way through. The horrified looks made it all worthwhile.

No sympathy though - no woman has ever extended sympathy to me and I don't expect any.

But - be assured, it could be a lot worse.

About 5 weeks ago, I decided to update all my Spanish recipes to html5 and css3 in a single day. That's 57 full pages plus about 52 short "enlarged" pages needing significant editing.

I typed as fast as I could go all day, full speed and non-stop. With just 2 recipes to go, my left shoulder called it quits in sudden and intense pain. I really struggled to finish the last two as my left hand was unusable.

Hours later the pain was still as intense, and the right hand was feeling a little strained. I couldn't use the mouse or keyboard at all next day.

The following afternoon, it seemed well on the way to recovery. Then, by the morning of the fourth day, the right wrist was in intense pain - I couldn't move the fingers at all. It wasn't carpal tunnel, the pain was centered in the joint on the other side of the wrist.

Recovery was slow, but within a few days I could wash my hair and shave with only minor help from the left hand, though that was limited by residual shoulder pain. Within a few days I could do small amounts of keyboard and mouse work.

Now, about 5 weeks out, after suffering a minor shoulder pain relapse a week ago, there are only faint traces of discomfort remaining, and I can do 4 to 6 hours of keyboard and mouse work during the day without problems.

On the other hand, high intensity, all day marathon sessions are now considered counter-productive.
New Diabolically-unsympatetic Little Red Polka Dot responds,
[Er is not 'Latex' y.a.n. ackshul App of some sort?]

Latex abuse... what did I walk in on??

(I've no comparable malady to report but am reminded of the fellow on a farm, operating some sort of chipper-machine);
seems that he had a very-Large OOPs: managed to get both hands TOO-close, somehow managed The Doorknob;
Some. How. managed via mouth + some object ..to dial the phone. Etc.

{{sigh}} It's NOT Easy dwelling in the Xian-End-Times ..a day or so after merely the latest Shoot-up of one's former work-mates brings home
The accelerated Devolution-rate of our fellow-inmates.

(Be thankful that--at least--you have no such 'work-mates' to include You in their internal disintegrations, eh?)
Cheers, moi ;^>
New Yes, LaTeX is an actual application program . . .
. . it is a markup language for typesetting.
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                 Yes, LaTeX is an actual application program . . . - (Andrew Grygus)

Have you heard Prado is finished? He was badly gored. Now he can only drink herb tea.
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