Hidden Brain.

(por moi): I can track the paleo-Vicious-nationwide attitude--that xenophobic Standard as shall always persist in small minds, here in the dis-US--from my own tyke-hood ---> onward> But.. as in the common case of our ignoring massive Injustices because we are emotionally-immature and psychologically iggerant (not to mention the cowardice): "They came for the Trade Unionists, but I was not one.." (At least I was not Beastly towards the most obvious member of this despised tribe.. At least also: the banter was not generally lengthy nor pointedly marauding.)

But I wasn't really paying the due-Attention that the whole matter ..would have catalyzed More Action, in a more-Conscious homo-sap than was I. Shame on moi., then nearer-the-mouth-breathers than at any time since.

This 52 min podcast reports what really is: an amazing transformation--especially given the status of our fellow inmates politically, emotionally and [their general Gutlessness overall.] This little presentation discusses some of the history and of this surprising development in a culture which (I have come to generally Despise). It seems that some authentic atta--Boy!s have been earned, here in the menagerie. Nice.. if about half-a-century Late.

Carrion, sometimes it seems to ferment and taste-just-like-Bacon. once the bile has been fumigated out. Unless in a few years, this too relapses into the Reagan-spawned viciosity still within that plurality [??] We'll see. ...

[I'll always hold the pecksniffery of the UK's Let-No-Good-Deed-Go-Unpunished to-task re Turing]; that he was tossed into the hands of *Their paleo-illiterates* by Those Who Knew *he had literally saved THEIR ASSES [and OURS, to boot!] is to moi an Unforgivable crime, just like the many US-ian worst-examples.
* Of course he had some stellar assistance at Bletchley, but sans his uniquely incisive mind: who can imagine? what would have happened had he not existed (not moi.)

If Alan T. does not deserve a Statue of Penance amidst their huge bestiary-in-stone effigies ..thence an apologue of continuing National silence[?] then Her Majesty + all the Pols who wish to ride in her Golden Carriage: confirm a fecklessness about as severe as 'Normal-in-the dis-US'.

Isn't it About Time that this horrific injustice ---> be Faced in Blighty? Maybe on a {new} National Day, say?