NYT via KOS.

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Over a period of several months, two Greenpeace employees posed as representatives of energy companies and offered to pay prominent commentators on climate change to write papers that extolled the benefits of coal and carbon emissions. The Greenpeace workers also asked that the payments not be disclosed.

The commentators — a professor from Princeton University and one from Pennsylvania State University — [won't make it a spoiler, either way]

(The new Head of Drumpf's facsimile-'Climate Directorate', a clearly once-physicist: now either doddering.. senile or both + greedy: is shown in some '15 Congressional dog&pony show ... also too.) Jeez, if some freshman tried his logic on the Pulley Problems exam ... he'd have read the sucker the Riot Act. Must be fuck-all-Hell to have a working mind reduced to mush.. and not even NOTICE the FACT.