Anne Frank's stepsister meets the teens who partied with a swastika.
Newport Beach CA

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More than seven decades after Adolf Hitler's death and the defeat of Nazi Germany, such uses of hateful symbols and rhetoric are on the rise, warned Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.
Anti-Semitic incidents in K-12 schools rose 94% in 2017, after doubling the previous year, an ADL audit found.
"And elementary, middle and high schools exceeded public spaces as the locations with the most anti-Semitic incidents, surpassing homes, businesses and even Jewish institutions," Greenblatt said.
While hateful and hurtful, the perpetrators may not have understood their impact.
"The students involved in these incidents are either ignorant to, or have a lack of understanding of the history of the Holocaust," Greenblatt said.

As Schloss took it upon herself to educate students at Newport Beach, Greenblatt told CNN that the ADL is pushing for legislation at both the state and federal levels mandating Holocaust education. He said, "to date, only 11 states across the country currently have laws mandating Holocaust education, and those laws are inconsistently applied. A federal bill now under consideration will hopefully close those gaps."

..mayhap a few renditions of Spike Jones' Der F├╝hrer's Face can penetrate these Valley-guhl wannabes? but I wonder if any modrin parents have ever mentioned WW-II, the Nazis and all that mass murder/battlefields and via execution? IMhO, for a tyke to remain Totally-iggerant of all the above ..well unto pre-pubescence AND along with the cel-fone social disaster: for any young minds--sounds like parental neglect/ignorance-to-match.
tl;dr: maybe "40% shrieking-idiots"? is a way-low estimate here in the, "let's do fascism-II" daze.