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New Accidentally hit a magic key combo?

That page has a couple of hints to do the opposite so it may give clues as to where to look to restore things.

Off the top of my own head:
- Try the Full Screen toggle,
- Maximize the Safari window,
- Make sure the status bar option is checked in the View menu

PS. May want to repost one forum down ;-)...
New Double-Duh + mea culpa
Thou sayest truthiness; I can even retrace the villain: moi :-/

It seems that, aiming for [Edit] --> Autofill at some point, I hit [View] instead (but not ept/alert enough to realize that the Probable-cause/and restore! was also clearly labelled bloody-[VIEW] and of course, the missing Status-bar wasn't noticed immediately.

And I puts the thus-clueless query under Doze?! {{gah}}

I blame it all on the mere æthereal-presence of The Orange Menace and His effects upon all neuronal processes.
Natch the 'Show status bar' line (should have been in RED-just-por-moi), had Apple-AI a fraction of the smarts of HAL-9000, eh?
(all the style-sheet fol-de-rol for HTML5 (just for one-word??), should we'unses next see a ∆-IWE? ..I don't want to think about, even.)

Thanks for helpin-out so precisely ..the drain bamage ..of just being in the dis-US post-'16.
Must immediately immerse in another Thomas Pynchon opus in order to defrag the neurons. Again.
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