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Jose Antonio Vargas: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen

In Jose Antonio Vargas’ own words, his story as an undocumented citizen is “only one of an estimated 11 million in the United States.” While the details differ, they all have common threads—a feeling of homelessness in place you call home and the ever-looming fear of an uncertain future. Vargas argues that the psychological trauma attached to those experiences is often felt for generations. Join the Pulitzer Prize-winning writer as he chronicles his journey in becoming arguably the most recognizable undocumented figure in the United States and how he also became the voice of those displaced by a highly hostile, anti-immigrant culture. He will also offer insight into the everyday life of those living on the fringes of a society that does not welcome them and the unwavering spirit and generosity that perseveres in that community.

It helps.. to Know your *Citizenship-facts about the Constitution, etc.
* even better than Pros; like, "who was president before Teddy Roosevelt?" and like that.

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