as we have learned over the ..holy shit! .. decades. :-)

D Star presents as a somewhat juvenile send-up.. I thought part-way-In. Then I realized that there were lots of Metaphors-fo-our-Bloody times (I mean: i m a g i n e a sorta Space Patrol which has nothing better to do than ... wait. for it.

Zoom around looking for "unstable planets" W-ever. the. fuck. That might ever mean.
Lessee, was it the Pleiades? for which one of the protagonists was sailing --> after the er, 'accident'? (of tryin to Reason with) whaz-name? ah yes: Marlowe-in-Transistors--on WIndows-1. I think.. I have a copy on Super-Beta (which Still beat every VHS-toy until they finally [way-Too-late] got around to its own 'Super-')
..but I digress.

Carrion ... imagine the voice of the brain-damaged ex-Captain as DJT's ..If you Can.
or Dare.