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New Computer chess: new kid on the block
A math professor at Cornell discusses AlphaZero, which apparently makes Deep Blue look like an abacus, and ponders the implications of machine learning. Excerpts from the chess part:
…The current generation of the world’s strongest chess programs, such as Stockfish and Komodo, still play in this inhuman style. They like to capture the opponent’s pieces. They defend like iron. But although they are far stronger than any human player, these chess “engines” have no real understanding of the game. They have to be tutored in the basic principles of chess. …Today’s chess engines, innately oblivious to these principles, come across as brutes: tremendously fast and strong, but utterly lacking insight.

All of that has changed with the rise of machine learning. By playing against itself and updating its neural network as it learned from experience, AlphaZero discovered the principles of chess on its own and quickly became the best player ever. Not only could it have easily defeated all the strongest human masters — it didn’t even bother to try — it crushed Stockfish, the reigning computer world champion of chess. In a hundred-game match against a truly formidable engine, AlphaZero scored twenty-eight wins and seventy-two draws. It didn’t lose a single game.

Most unnerving was that AlphaZero seemed to express insight. It played like no computer ever has, intuitively and beautifully, with a romantic, attacking style. It played gambits and took risks. In some games it paralyzed Stockfish and toyed with it. …It was almost as if AlphaZero was waiting for Stockfish to realize, after billions of brutish calculations, how hopeless its position truly was, so that the beast could relax and expire peacefully, like a vanquished bull before a matador. Grandmasters had never seen anything like it. AlphaZero had the finesse of a virtuoso and the power of a machine. It was humankind’s first glimpse of an awesome new kind of intelligence.
The rest is here. Nothing I’ve read about developments in AI since the turn of the century has altered my sense that machine sentience will be achieved (and that the goalposts marked “Turing Test” will by then be barely visible in the rear-view mirror), and that we will recognize this only some time after the fact. I for one welcome our new, et cetera.

New Skynet here we come!

Satan (impatiently) to Newcomer: The trouble with you Chicago people is, that you think you are the best people down here; whereas you are merely the most numerous.
- - - Mark Twain, "Pudd'nhead Wilson's New Calendar" 1897
New In the words of the Smart Interstellar Bomb ..in "Dark Star"
I must think on this..
New That was my favorite 2am movie
New Hey! ..ya gots Cuth..
as we have learned over the ..holy shit! .. decades. :-)

D Star presents as a somewhat juvenile send-up.. I thought part-way-In. Then I realized that there were lots of Metaphors-fo-our-Bloody times (I mean: i m a g i n e a sorta Space Patrol which has nothing better to do than ... wait. for it.

Zoom around looking for "unstable planets" W-ever. the. fuck. That might ever mean.
Lessee, was it the Pleiades? for which one of the protagonists was sailing --> after the er, 'accident'? (of tryin to Reason with) whaz-name? ah yes: Marlowe-in-Transistors--on WIndows-1. I think.. I have a copy on Super-Beta (which Still beat every VHS-toy until they finally [way-Too-late] got around to its own 'Super-')
..but I digress.

Carrion ... imagine the voice of the brain-damaged ex-Captain as DJT's ..If you Can.
or Dare.
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