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New I have thought about this extensively.
I was thinking perhaps the enlarged picture pages could be automated, but even there there are some that are somewhat different and some that are radically different.

The rest of the pages need extensive work, and their consistency is more an illusion than a fact. While they descend one from another, each is changed in subtle or radical ways to serve an exact purpose.

Besides, I've found it very useful to edit by hand, as it forces me to systematically revisit pages that haven't been touched for 10 to 12 years, and bring them up to standards, mine and the W3C's.

Fortunately, this is a chronic problem, not an acute problem, as Web browsers will correctly interpret the pages probably for around 8 years. Anything new or modified I submit to the W3C Validator will be updated.

In any case, I appreciate the offers, and will keep them in mind. Thanks.
New Ok, please let me know
If I can handle 80% (random bs number) at least it allows you to focus on the remaining.

Keep in mind non perl programmers are often shocked at what a decent perl programmer can do when dealing with "natural" language. If you can envision it, it is probable that I can code it, no matter how complex you think it is.
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