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New Well, I did . . .
. . wear my Luftwaffe Soldier** Officer's Jacket (tropical, Africa Corps).

And I did play a few minutes of the Host Wessel Song to mark the end of the Romantic era and dominance of Germany and Austria in music. It was an old rendition sung by genuine Nazis. This was followed by music of the post-war era (Carl Orff, Catulli Carmina).


** Luftwaffe Soldier - The Luftwaffe owned all the FLAK guns, including the famous 88s (FLAK-18 / FLAK-36) so the guys manning those guys were separate from the Wehrmacht soldiers, even when using the FLAK-36 against tanks. In North Africa, where they were first used against tanks, one British captive complained to his capturing officer that it was "very unfair to use FLAK guns against tanks".
New An admirable selection, wish I could have flown in but the Lear-jet needs new tires.
Have you perhaps in your library?
Audio Rarities #2445, Hitler's Inferno? (on vinyl, natch.)
Subtitled Marching Songs of Nazi Germany

'Tis an assemblage including Ho(r)st Wessel's charming tune-screed as, Die Fahne Hoch aka Horst Wessel song. This along with 9 other tracks incl. Adolf Hitler speaks in Rome 1937, concluding with The defendents (Hess, Von Ribbentrop, etc. plead "Not Guilty" at Nuremberg.

Ad page torn from 'The Saturday Review of Books' is dated April 7, 1962. JFK had another 19 months to go.
Have 'we' another 19 months? before some of us are hors de combat, barricades-wise. (Keep that helmet! eh?)
New I served with a guy who did that
He was commanding an artillery battery in Iraq. They got out ahead of their armored support and Iraqi tanks started rushing them up a hill.

The 155mm Howitzer is calibrated for indirect fire. But when you're facing tanks and all you've got is small arms and Howitzers, you throw out the safety guidelines, jack up the trail legs, and shoot straight downhill.

New M109?
It does have a direct fire aiming plate. Things get interesting when you compare the ranges on that plate to the lethal perimeter of the HE shells...
New Might have been, but that's not what they did
They were emplaced and getting ready to support an offensive, but the Iraqis saw them before armored cav was ready. So instead of blocking the retreat, they ended up going on the offensive. They didn't have time to do anything but jack the legs up and eyeball it.

And speaking of lethal perimeter ... I went to cover a CAX as a combat correspondent and wanted to get some good artillery photos. I asked the CO how far to the side I needed to be if I wanted to be forward of the firing line. He told me to stay outside the aiming stakes and gave me some ear protection.

I set up with my knee against the stake, so I was between 30 & 45 degrees out of line and about 30 meters out. Every time they fired the camera body rang like a bell. And that wasn't even the explosive, just the propellant.

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New Not quite on the Flak 88
Its anti-tank use was pioneered by the Condor Legion during the Spanish Civil War, and it was used in that role throughout the war. Rommel's use in Africa is most famous because due to the epic nature of that adventure. (Small isolated group lays waste to overwhelmingly stronger force until they run out parts, then on their retreat almost succeed in driving the US landing force back into the sea, etc...)
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