Lots of links, here KOS does a pretty good job showing where to pre-drill the nail-holes in the tiny coffin [containing Pruitt's brain-matter]
(apparently his is wired dextro- rather than laevo-rotary, as for most humans) No surprise there.

As it turns out, a federal judge hasn’t let herself be distracted by the increasingly outrageous revelations against Pruitt from that original concern. On Friday, US District Court judge Beryl Howell ordered the EPA to produce the evidence upon which Pruitt based his comments.

This could be a tall order, because, of course, there is no good evidence to suggest humans aren’t driving climate change. At least none solid enough to hold up in court.

But tobacco lobbyist-turned-fossil-fuel-defender-turned-shadow-EPA-admin Steve Milloy isn’t worried. He suggested on Twitter that Heartland’s climate report is all the proof Pruitt needs for the judge.

Unfortunately for Milloy, a quick Google on that report brings up all sorts of reasons why it’s not going to pass any sort of courtroom scrutiny. Despite being named after the IPCC, Heartlands Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) report clearly lacks the credibility of its namesake. And it doesn’t take a law degree and years on the judicial bench to smell the BS: the school teachers who received the report in a mass spamming last year quickly saw through the sham.

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